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Though many consider them cute, raccoons are notorious for causing trouble on landscapes and in homes. If you notice a raccoon problem in your Dallas home, don't panic. Do not approach the raccoon, especially if it is outside during the day—the presence of this nocturnal critter in the day often indicates a rabid one. Instead, protect your home and family from raccoon problems by calling Wildlife X Team® Dallas today!


Raccoon Damage & Hazards

Raccoons are capable of causing damage to your Dallas area garden, your yard, & your home. Some of the most commonly reported raccoon problems in the Dallas area include:

  • Raccoon Nesting & Food-Seeking Habits — Did you know raccoons are infamous for ripping insulation for nesting? They also gather materials such as grass, hay, and even fabric to help supplement their cozy nest. They then construct their nest in low-traffic isolated areas like your chimney or attic. 
  • Feces/Urine Damage — Raccoons can cause tangible damage to your floors & walls because of a gathering of their feces & urine. These clever creatures are known for living in one area of your home and using another as a "latrine"—essentially where they leave their waste. Common places for raccoon latrines include decks, roofs, attics, woodpiles, logs & big rocks.
  • Diseases from Raccoons — Rampant in raccoon latrines as it's found in raccoon feces, raccoon roundworm can cause nausea, an enlarged liver, and even coma if you come into contact with it. Of course, the disease that comes to mind when many think of raccoons is rabies, but canine distemper and infectious canine hepatitis are also carried by raccoons.

Why You Should Get Rid of Raccoons

It's important to remember these lumbering dog-like critters are still wild animals, so they should never be in your home! Unfortunately, raccoons in the attic are incredibly common in the Dallas area, but this also means our office has lots of experience getting rid of raccoons. Remember that it can be hard to tell if a raccoon is rabid, so make sure you call the professional raccoon specialists at Wildlife X Team® Dallas! We can trap raccoons, relocate raccoons, and repair raccoon damage.

Raccoon Facts

  • The human-like hands of the raccoon allow them to open doors and cabinets, and also provide stability. The dexterity in their fingers even lets them untie knots!
  • An average raccoon is 70 cm (27.5 in) from nose to tail, and a raccoon can weigh up to 10 kg (over 22 lbs).
  • Raccoons have 40 teeth.
  • Raccoons have a habit of using water to “wash” their food before they eat it. Scientists had theorized that raccoons lacked saliva glands and needed to add moisture before eating, but that has since been disproven. Another better-accepted theory is that raccoons use moisture to stimulate the nerves in their paw to help them better understand what it is they’re eating.
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