Skunk damage in DallasThese black and white striped creatures are best known for their spray, which is unique and pungent. Skunk spray is a secretion released as a defense mechanism, and it is so effective that it can even temporarily blind recipients (which can unfortunately be you or your pets). It’s vital that you don’t approach skunks, though it can be tempting to want to shoo them away. Skunk removal is best left to the professionals at Wildlife X Team® Dallas—call us at 972.914.8162 today.

Dallas Skunk Removal

Skunks may be cute and their lumbering body language may seem unassuming, but they can still pose a threat to Dallas homeowners, and their yards and gardens.

  • Scavenging for food in city and country areas
  • Secreting their stench
  • Ripping up landscapes to find food, which damages flower bulbs and other plants

Common Skunk Problems—What Does Skunk Damage Look Like?

  • The biggest problem associated with skunks, aside from their spray, is the damage they cause to lawns. Unlike moles, skunk damage does not appear in the form of dirt mounds, but rather cone-shaped holes.
  • Another form of skunk damage comes in the form of picked-through trash cans (like their fellow lumbering critter, the raccoon).
  • Skunk dens can be found under porches, under homes, under sheds and more, and the digging that accompanies this nesting is hazardous to structural integrity.

Is Skunk Removal Really Necessary?

Skunk spray can blind whoever it hits, especially at a short distance, so it is very important to deal with skunks as soon as the problem arises. Skunks can damage landscapes and cause costly damage, so call Wildlife X Team® Dallas at 972.914.8162 today for help with the skunk removal process! 

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Project: Great customer service!
Great customer service! I hired them to cover up two holes in my roof since a squirrel has been sneaking its way into our attic for a few months and we couldn't capture it. They arrived within the time window that they said they would be coming and were kind enough to help me fix a roof tile that had cracked. It didn't take them long to finish the job. After they left, I noticed that that roof tile was not sticking and called them. They drove back immediately and helped me replace the tile with a spare I had in the garage. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!
Jacqueline L., Dallas, TX
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