Did you know there are over 30 species of snakes in the Dallas area? Fortunately, many of these snakes are nonvenomous and though their bites may be painful, are not fatal. Dallas residents often deal with snakes in their yards, but they are also found inside. Whether you are facing a full-blown snake infestation on your property or just notice one snake, call Wildlife X Team® Dallas at 972.914.8162 today.

How To Tell If A Snake is Venomous

While there is no 100% surefire way to know whether a snake is venomous simply by looking at it, there are some signs to look for that can help you narrow down whether the snake is venomous or not. Venomous snakes often have:

  • Rattles
  • Elliptical pupils (be careful if you’re close enough to tell)
  • A large, fat body
  • Pointed snouts

Venomous Snakes in Dallas

  • Copperheads — Though not considered one of the most venomous snakes, copperheads can still inflict a nasty bite.
  • Western Diamondback rattlesnakes — Diamondbacks can be fatal to humans. 
  • Cottonmouths — Cottonmouth snakes are incredibly venomous, and are completely brown.
  • Texas Coral Snakes — There are several "false" coral snakes that are often non-venomous. Pictured to the right is the king scarlet snake, differentiated by the red stripes touching black. The coral snake's red touches yellow, which means it's dangerous.

Dallas Snake Removal

Finding a snake in living areas alone is enough for some residents to request immediate snake removal. Snakes are #1 on the list of many people’s worst fears, and even for those who are not “afraid” of snakes, the threat of being bitten is still very real. Snakes may disrupt homeowners' routines and/or cause damage to Dallas properties, however, including:

  • Hiding beneath overgrown shrubbery

So Is Snake Removal Really Necessary?

As mentioned earlier, not all snakes are inherently dangerous, but you still don't want them on your Dallas property. We can help with Dallas snake removal and snake control. Call 972.914.8162 to speak with a trained snake removal professional from Wildlife X Team® Dallas today!

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