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Wildlife X Team of North East Texas knows how important it is to you to safeguard your property from wildlife damage. We have all the tools and training to quickly and effectively remove nuisance animals from your dwelling or work areas. Attempting to remove wild animals can be a dangerous and tiresome task, allow us to take care of unwanted critters. We will ensure they are safely removed, their waste is properly cleaned up, and any access they have to your home is carefully sealed up. We are able to help you with the following animals:

Raccoons: Raccoons are common in the united states and once they find a spot they like, they will frequent that area for a long time. They may seem cute but don't be fooled, Raccoons can be quite vicious if approached. They will bite and scratch to free themselves and they are known to be carriers of disease. 

Squirrels: If you've got a backyard, chances are you've got squirrels. Squirrels only become a problem when they start entering the house or damaging property. There is no one control method that will completely remove squirrels, instead, it is a multi-step process that includes restricting access to feeders, using repellent, sealing up entry holes, and trapping. 

Rodents: Rodents are the most common and possibly the most headache-inducing of all the nuisance animals. They leave behind droppings and urine that will erode housing materials and make the area smell foul. Once they find a suitable habitat, it doesn't take rodents long to quickly reproduce and the problem will grow exponentially. It is best to get help removing them as quickly as possible before a small problem turns into a large one. 

Snakes: Snakes can be a major benefit to an area when they are eating rodents in the wild, but when they enter your home it is another matter altogether. Some snakes are poisonous and they will certainly bite if provoked. Once a snake is trapped it is imperative that they be properly relocated as well. Avoid a potentially painful experience and let the professionals at Wildlife X Team remove them quickly and effectively.

Skunks: A skunk's odiferous spray defense is one that has suited them well - they have few natural predators willing to risk getting sprayed while making a meal of them. Their anal glands are capable of projecting spray up to 10ft and it is very difficult to trap and remove them without things getting very stinky. 

Opossums: Opossums are the unsung heroes of tick management - eating thousands of ticks in a week. Unfortunately, they can be attracted to living under foundations or patios where their burrowing can cause structural damage. Opossums will also enter chicken coops looking for eggs and small birds. Opossums will bite and scratch when removal is attempted, this is very dangers since opossums are known to carry diseases like eptospirosis and toxoplasmosis.

Insects: The list of annoying and destructive bugs is a long one. In addition to being scary and gross, they can be carriers of diseases such as the West Nile virus. Insects like wasps love to make hives in cracks and crawlspaces where they will quickly reproduce. Termites can be especially destructive when they begin eating the wooden boards that hold your house together. Insects are very difficult to remove and professional help is highly recommended.

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Project: Great customer service!
Great customer service! I hired them to cover up two holes in my roof since a squirrel has been sneaking its way into our attic for a few months and we couldn't capture it. They arrived within the time window that they said they would be coming and were kind enough to help me fix a roof tile that had cracked. It didn't take them long to finish the job. After they left, I noticed that that roof tile was not sticking and called them. They drove back immediately and helped me replace the tile with a spare I had in the garage. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!
Jacqueline L., Dallas, TX
Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management.
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